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Born ten years before her father’s(SAW) prophethood , Zainab (RA) was born in Makkah. Her mother was the first woman to accept Islam – her name was Khadijah (RA). She was married to her cousin Abul Aas and had one son and a daughter. Her chidren’s names were Ali and Umamah.

Her husband accepted Islam before passing away. Her daughter Umamah married Ali (RA), after the death of Fatima (RA).

Zainab (RA) passed away in Madinah in the 8th year after Hijrah.


The second daughter of the Prophet (SAW) was born before Prophethood and her mother was also Khadijah (RA). Before Islam, she was married to Utbah, the son of Abu Lahab. Later, Utbah divorced her, but this turned out to be the best for her. Do you know why ? Well, she was then married to Uthmaan (RA), who was later a Khalif of Islam. Ruqayyah (RA) had one son named Abdullah. She passed away at the time when the muslims gained victory in the Battle of Badr in the second year of Hijrah. From amongst all her sisters, Ruqayyah (RA) was the first to pass away.



She was the close companion of her sister, Ruqayyah (RA) and her mother was also Khadijah (RA). She married the second son of Abu Lahab and was divorced. After the death of her sister Ruqayyah (RA), she married Uthmaan (RA). Because he married two of the Prophet’s(SAW) daughters, he was known as Dhun Nurain – “The man of two lights.” She witnessed the Quraysh boycott of her father. The Prophet (SAW) was very pained by this cruel boycott, but she would smile in front of her father and hide what she was feeling and suffering. She emigrated to Madinah and passed away there.



She too, was the daughter of Khadijah (RA) and was born in Makkah, five years before Prophethood. Her husband was Ali (RA) and her children were Hasan (RA) and Husain (RA). She is amongst the best women of the world and one of the most prominent people of Jannah. The Prophet (SAW) has said : “The best women of this world are four :Maryam